Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Violin Outlines

I took the Red Maple ribcage off the mold the other day. Putting it under the Birch one I was surprised at how different they were in outline. I know I used two different molds for them, but I didn't think they were that different. I was going to make an assembly board up. A new idea I've had bouncing around in my head, but haven't tried yet. I thought if I had the outline of the violin on a board I could glue the back side of the ribs onto the board in the proper location. I could have holes in it to locate the pins, and help drill them straight. I could mark the overhang and glue the back on. Take the belly off, mark the overhang of the back. I would then get the plates almost done. Then I could glue the belly on the ribs. I could glue the bass bar on using it, and area tune the plate. Then I could cut the neck mortise, and set the neck, and glue it on. Then I could take it off the assembly board and glue the back on. I know this is not the way it is done. But my wife says my vanity license plate should be YBNORML. Anyway, neither violin fits the outline that I used to make it's mold with, even though it was made on the mold. They were tight on the mold. Was a bit of an ordeal to pry them off. Strange stuff. How do you make a board with a cut out in it when the ribs don't conform to the pattern? Then I started measuring. The printout of the form is not to size! I printed it two ways, the top in portrait and the bottom in landscape, and taped them together. None of the dimensions match the dimensions in AutoCad. My printer isn't that precise. When you draw out the form in the first place you notice that the original is wacked out of shape. I guess it isn't surprising that mine are wacked out too.
Want's the point of this whole post? Sometimes our grandiose plans never quite come together. Getting the right plan. Going to the right school. Getting a job in the right company. The right spouse, the right car, the right house. The list goes on and on. The problem with plans is they have a future. When you make them, and obtain them they are the past. We live in the present. Only the present. And it is the only thing we have any control over. What we do with what we're faced with right now is the only thing that will make a difference. The only thing that will help is to have God at your side with every choice. Not only the tough choices, when you're at the edge of your rope. All of them. I wrote a song about that. Anyone want me to share it?

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